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What To Consider When Choosing A Casket

When choosing a casket at funeral homes in Shelby Charter Township, MI you have to think about a number of factors. Caskets are often only necessary if you chose a traditional funeral because it involves burying the deceased. The casket provided for viewing the body before cremation is not similar in quality to the one provided for a burial. Here are ways you can choose a casket for a traditional funeral.

Consider The Type Of Casket You Want

If you want your loved one to be entombed, you may want a casket that can last a long time. That means buying a casket made from durable materials. You may also need to buy a casket for cremation purposes especially if there will be a viewing before the cremation. Cremation caskets are often made from biodegradable materials such as cardboard, bamboo, or even wood. Your casket choice can also be determined by your budget. On the other hand, a bigger budget means you can quality caskets made from durable materials complete with elaborate designs.

High-Quality Materials For Caskets

Caskets made of wood or metal are commonly used in funerals. High-quality wood includes Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry, which are obviously not cheap. A great alternative for costly wood materials includes Maple, Oak, or Birch. If you have a smaller budget, then you can always buy caskets made from Willow, Poplar, or Pine.

Metal Caskets Are Durable

Metal caskets also vary in quality just like wood caskets. The least expensive option is a standard steel casket that can either be 20-gauge, 18-gauge, or 16-gauge. Among all these, the 20-gauge casket is the most affordable but that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. The 20-gauge option is the thinnest compared to the 18-gauge (medium) and the 16-gauge (thickest). A great alternative if you have a slightly bigger budget is stainless steel because it’s more durable and is available in the same gauges. Another option is to go for either a copper or bronze coffin that is just as durable and rust-resistant. But apart from being more expensive than stainless steel, copper and bronze oxidize after a certain period of time, which is a similar process to rusting.

Green Caskets Save The Environment

Green or eco-friendly caskets can be made from bamboo, sea grass, or willow. You may be presented with the option of using an eco-friendly burial shroud made from linen, wool, or silk when you buy a green casket. They are called eco-friendly because they break down easily and enrich the soil around them, unlike metal caskets that last much longer. Cardboard caskets can also be included in the eco-friendly category.

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Choosing the casket at our funeral home is a convenient option because it means you have more time to grieve. But if you are pre-planning a funeral, you can go to stores that specialize in selling caskets, especially if you are interested in custom caskets.

We provide funeral and cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI, and also help you find the right casket for your loved one.