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Choosing A Cemetery Without Regret

There are plenty of options when it comes to final services and the professionals at funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are here to help you with all of the options and choices. If you decide, as part of the process, that you want to bury your loved one, either in a traditional manner, or after cremation, you might need help from a cemetery. You want your loved one to have the best final resting place, not something you will regret later. Here are a few ways to avoid having regrets over the location in the future.

Choose A Good Location

Before you look too closely into any cemetery, you will want to consider its location. You want a location that is convenient for you and your family. That convenience could mean a lot of different things. You might want something located close to the funeral home so you don’t have to have guests travel far between the funeral and burial service. You might want something that is situated between your office and your home so you can visit your loved one easily whenever you want. There are lots of different criteria that could fit into a ‘good location’ and you have to be the one that defines what that means for you.

Appreciating Maintenance And Rules

Once you have a few cemeteries in mind in good locations, you can then look into their maintenance regulations and other rules to see if you appreciate that list of items. You need to understand their rules so you can follow them and also so you know if they are the right place for your loved one. If you already have a certain type of headstone in mind and the cemetery doesn’t allow that type or material, then they aren’t the right fit for you. You also want to know that the grounds are maintained nicely and whether you have to pay extra fees for that or take care of some things on your own.

Fair Prices

Like funeral home and cremation providers, cemeteries should be upfront with their price lists. You can find out what the prices are and then, compare them to other cemeteries and look online to see what the average is. It’s important to understand that there are fair prices within the cemetery you are choosing. You don’t want costs that are too high or too low, but rather something affordable.funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Consider Spaces Nearby

When you get a space for your loved one, you might want to think about what you want for the future as well. Do you or other family members want a space nearby? You might regret it later if you don’t think about that in advance. The spaces won’t be there forever and you might consider getting more plots for other family. Working with funeral homes in Washington Township, MI can help you to get what you need for your loved one as well as finding the right cemetery for their burial. Contact Lee Elena Funeral Home whenever you need us.

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Cremation Pre-Plans And Your Loved Ones

It’s easy to talk to your loved ones about the weather, their jobs, the kids, and other such things, but when you think about your future and decide to put plans into place for your own cremation services Chesterfield Township, MI, it can be hard to bring the topic up with them. While you want your loved ones to know what you have in mind, it’s not something that is easy to throw into a regular conversation. You are going to need at least a select few family members to know where your plans are held and it’s also a good idea to let them in on what the plans entail. Here are some tips to help you talk to them with as much ease as possible.

Set A Meeting To Go Over Final Plans

Don’t bring up the subject around kids at a family dinner, but rather set a specific meeting time to go over your final plans. Tell your family that you made plans and want them to know what will happen. You can also tell them that if they have any ideas on what they want, they are welcome to share that with you as well. It’s nice to know what they want in return so you aren’t stuck guessing in the future, even if they don’t have plans in place at this point.

Think Over Your Reasoning

Your loved ones might accept what you have planned without any issues or questions, but chances are, they will at least want to hear what you were thinking when you chose that avenue. Think over the reasons you have for choosing cremation and the other things you have lined up so you can present those to your loved ones if they have questions. There are no bad reasons and you can let them know what you were thinking as you made your plans.

Ask If They Want Anything Added

cremation services Chesterfield Township, MIWhen you show your loved ones what your plans are, you might want to ask them if there is anything else they feel they would want added. They, of course, are going to want to follow your plans and your final wishes. But the services will be just as much for them as they are for you. That means they might have certain ideas of things they feel they will need to get what they have to have to move forward. Take their advice to heart and listen to what they might want added, if anything.

Ask What They Want For Their Future

You can then open the floor to the rest of your family and see what they might want for their future. They may not have thought about it as much, but they may also be leaning one way over another. You can share the process you put into place for your own cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI with Lee Elena Funeral Home and that could help them to have direction to get their plans into place sometime as well.

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Grief Counseling Can Help After Cremation Services

The grieving process isn’t easy on anyone and when you find yourself having lost a loved one, you will likely get thrown into your grief. You can’t expect your grieving to go like someone else you know because you are unique and your grief will be, too. There are lots of things you can do to help yourself get through the cremation services in Washington Township, MI for a loved one, including perhaps seeing a grief counselor. Here are some ways they can help with the process.

Aid You In Ridding Of Physical Illness

Grief is an emotional process, but it can also settle into your physical being and it can actually cause you to be sick. Perhaps you have a constant headache or a cough that just won’t go away. You will want to see a doctor for that, but it might be that your grief is causing physical symptoms in addition to your emotional problems. When you see a grief counselor, you can address those physical manifestations and that can help you to take steps toward health.

Feel Up To Seeing Others

You might know that you need grief counseling if you see that you are isolating yourself. You don’t want to see friends and family and you start to turn down invitations left and right. One invitation you should not turn down is the option of seeing a grief counselor. They will help you to feel better about your life so you start to want to see your loved ones and friends again. That will help you to move forward even more. Isolating yourself is only going to hurt and when the counselor will help you to start processing emotions, you are going to want to see others, which will improve your grief that much more.

Things Start To Get Better Instead Of Worse

Another reason to seek counseling is if you feel like things are getting worse in your grieving process instead of better. You want to turn that around as soon as you can and the counselor can help you do that. They will give you even small steps to take that can help you to see into the future and seek a new sense of normal. You will start to see things getting better, even in little increments, and that can help you take steps in the right direction.cremation services in Washington Township, MI

See Joy In The World Again

If you felt like the joy has been sucked out of the world and you don’t enjoy things you used to appreciate, seeking counseling can help you to see the joy in the world again. The counselor will help you to work through your emotions and move forward with your life in a positive manner.

When you have had a loved one go through cremation services in Washington Township, MI, watch for signs that you might need grief counseling. You may need that extra help and there’s nothing wrong with that. The professionals at Lee Elena Funeral Home have references for you if you want to reach back out to us

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What to do with an Urn After the Cremation

After the cremation service in Shelby Charter Township, MI, you’ll receive the cremated remains of your deceased loved one in a cremation urn. You’ll get the opportunity to choose the urn you want – and there are definitely many options to choose from. When it comes to getting the right urn, you’ll want to consider factors such as the purpose for the ashes. So what you intend to do with the ashes will factor into what type of urn you ultimately purchase.

But what can you do with the urn after, say, scattering the ashes of your loved one? What follows are some options to consider if you intend to scatter your loved one’s cremains.

Reuse the Urn

One option is to reuse the urn. After scattering the ashes, you’ll have an empty urn on your hands. If cremations are somewhat of a tradition in your family, you might elect to simply retain the urn so that it can be used down the road. If you will be reusing an urn, you may want to invest in buying a really nice one. This will make the tradition of reusing the urn more special.

Flower Vase

Another option is to repurpose the urn. You might wish to use it to place fresh flowers. You can fill the urn with water – if it’s the sort of urn that will hold water – and then place some fresh flowers into it. You can make this all the more meaningful if you choose a variety that the deceased had loved. In addition to using the repurposing the urn in this way, you could also use it to plant flowers. Again, you’ll want to make sure that the urn will be suitable to be used in this way. You can plant flower varieties that had been favorites of the deceased.

Trinket Holder

Yet another way you can repurpose the urn is to use it as a trinket holder. You can use it to place different things into. This can include keys, coins, pens, and other things. Whether you place it in your home office, living room, or den, you can reuse the urn in a special way.

Give it Away or Sell it

cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MIIf you scatter the ashes, you might also wish to give the urn away or to sell it. You can potentially save a family some money if you’re willing to donate the urn to them. Otherwise, you can choose to sell the urn to recoup some of the money you spent to buy it.

If you need to speak with someone at a funeral home, we’re here to help. We can help you arrange a funeral service or a cremation service in Shelby Charter Township, MI. We’re here to help you each step of the way. Whether you want to discuss memorials, traditional and contemporary funerals, cremations, caskets or urns, burial vaults, cremation jewelry, veteran’s discounts, or anything else, we can help. For the assistance you require, give us a call, pay us a visit, or check us out online at