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What Do Funeral Flowers Mean?

Flowers are always part of funerals at funeral homes in Washington Township, MI. When you’re choosing flowers for a funeral, understand what the most widely used funeral flowers mean can help you make sure your flowers demonstrate appropriate respect to the deceased and offer maximum comfort to the bereaved family.

Lilies are an incredibly popular funeral flower. Lilies are used because they denote innocence and the purity of the soul of the deceased person. While there are many different colors of lilies to choose from, white lilies are the preferred choice for funerals.

Roses are another very popular funeral flower. Roses come in many different colors, as well. Each color represents something special with regard to the person who has died. Red roses symbolize both love for the deceased and grief because of their death. White roses, like lilies, are used to symbolize purity and innocence.

Extremely close friends of the person who died will usually send yellow roses to the funeral home. Yellow roses denote deep friendship. It is unusual to see light pink roses at funerals, but you will often see dark pink roses. Dark pink roses are used to express gratitude to the deceased for all the things they’ve done for others.

Another type of flower that you often see at funerals is carnations. Carnations are most often part of funeral wreaths because of their pronounced colors. Red carnations are a symbol of affection. White carnations, like lilies and white roses, are a symbol of innocence. Members of the Catholic Church may send pink carnations because they believe that the Virgin Mary’s tears created these flowers.

Orchids are another common flower that is used for funerals. Orchids represent everlasting love for the person who has died. White or pink orchids represent sympathy for the grieving family.

Another popular flower that people send for funerals is gladioluses. That is because this flower symbolizes the deceased person’s strong moral compass. Gladioluses signify sincerity, strength, and a unshakeable moral foundation. Since there are no meanings associated with any specific color of gladioluses, you can choose any color you like.

Tulips and daffodils are also commonly used as funeral flowers. While these bright and cheerful flowers might not seem appropriate for a funeral service, their meaning is consistent with funeral themes for both the person who has died and the bereaved family: renewal and new beginnings.

When you include daffodils or tulips in your funeral arrangement, you are offering the grieving family a visual consolation card of encouragement and support. Tulips and daffodils help remind them that this present difficulty of losing their loved one will give way to a new life that will include happiness again. It also lets them know that you are a support for them from here on out.

When someone who is young dies unexpectedly, violets are often included in the funeral arrangements that are sent to the funeral home.

The symbolism of hyacinths, which are also frequently included in funeral flower arrangements, is that of a deep sense of sorrow and intense grief for the person who has died.

funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Another flower, forget me nots, is something you will also commonly see in flowers that are sent to the funeral home. Forget me nots signify that the person who has died will never be forgotten. Instead, they will always be remembered by living on in the memories of those who love and care about them.

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