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Why The Bereaved Need Grief Support

Not many people know that funeral homes in Shelby Charter, MI offer resources for after-care services to help the bereaved deal with grief. There is growing awareness of the need for after-care services for people who are overwhelmed with grief and are in need of direction. Grief is a natural reaction to death but the bereaved can sometimes find it extremely hard to let go, especially if they were not prepared for their loved one’s passing. Here are reasons why grief support is essential.

Why You May Need Funeral After-Care Services

Grief counseling and other compassionate care services are meant to help the bereaved work through the waves of emotions they may feel after losing a loved one. Grief often starts with denial that the death has actually happened and then anger follows. Then there is bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. While there are different stages of grief, not everyone goes through each stage the same way. Signs of grieving vary from person to person and may include reactions such as loss of sleep, shock, anxiety, loss of appetite, anger, distress, and more. This means grief counseling should be personalized.

People Experience Grief Differently

The different types of grief include complicated grief, broken heart syndrome, traumatic grief, and depression and grief. Complicated grief is where the symptoms of grief last for at least a year. How intense this grief depends on the individual experiencing it. This kind of grief often produces multiple symptoms that make it harder to get through your daily routine. Traumatic grief only shows symptoms days or weeks after a loved one dies in a traumatic event such as a car accident. Broken heart syndrome happens when a bereaved person gets shocked by the news of a death to the point where their heart health is affected. Chest pains are often the most obvious symptom of this kind of grief.

Techniques Of Grief Support

Grief counseling is meant to help you express your emotions, treat trauma, establish a support system, address your emotions, and help you accept the reality of the loss. So, when you talk to a grief counselor, they are likely to ask you to describe how you feel and also encourage you to talk about the loss. Accepting that you are grieving is really important because you will now be able to understand the symptoms you experience after your loved one’s death. Grief counseling can also help deal with anxiety, guilt, and fear.

Children’s Grief Is Different

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Most of the time minor children do not know or understand what has just happened when a loved one dies. Even pre-teens experience difficulty processing death. A counselor is likely to help the child understand the concept of death before helping them accept the reality that their loved one has just died. They may also teach the child to grieve in a healthy manner.

Our experienced professional staff can help you find the grief counseling resources you need when explaining the funeral and cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI.