cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI

Why Should You Consider a Cremation with a Service?

Many families are choosing to plan cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI. Funeral services used to be the more popular of the two body disposition types. But this trend has reversed, and statistics show that cremation will continue to get more and more common.

When most people think about cremation services, they tend to believe that choosing to go this route means choosing to forego a funeral service or some other ceremony. But this is not the case. It’s possible to combine a cremation service with a funeral service or a memorial service. Consider the following reasons why you should consider a cremation with a service.

Bring Family Together

It is true that some families are fine with a simple cremation. They might not want a formal ceremony in a church, chapel, or someplace else. But most families appreciate having a service component that brings people together. People live busy lives, and families are often spread out across vast geographies. It’s often the case that families only come together for holidays, for weddings, and for funerals or cremations. You can plan a cremation and add a traditional or contemporary funeral service. If you don’t want to add a funeral service, you can add a memorial service that is usually more laid back than a funeral service. This choice is yours. The funeral director at a reputable funeral home will be able to help you choose the right option.

Keep with Tradition

Are you part of a family that usually plans funerals after loved ones have passed away? Do some family members want to plan a cremation while others prefer to stick with tradition? If you plan a cremation with a service, you can honor loved ones who want to stick with tradition while also honoring loved ones who want to plan a cremation. In other words, you can do both.

Your Loved One Might Have Wanted it

Another reason to plan a cremation with a service is if your deceased loved one had, more or less, requested it. Perhaps they had spoken of wanting to be cremated when the time came and had also spoken of wanting a ceremony of some type as a final send-off. Arranging a cremation with a service will honor your deceased loved one’s wishes and will bless your family.

cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI

Do you have any questions about planning a cremation with a service? Your best bet is to reach out to a reputable funeral service and cremation service provider in Shelby Charter Township, MI. We’re here to help you arrange an honorable final send-off to someone near and dear to you. We can help with memorials, cremations, traditional and contemporary funerals, caskets or urns, vaults, cremation jewelry, veteran’s discounts, and other resources such as grief counseling. Our licensed industry professionals are here to support you through this difficult time. We can answer your questions or set up a final service planning consultation. Let us know how we can help. Call us by phone or visit us in person for the assistance you require.