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Why Eulogies Are Important During A Memorial Service

A death in the family is a shocking event that no one is prepared for. A eulogy can be used as a tool for the loved ones of the deceased to process this death. While funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI can write a eulogy on your behalf, a personalized eulogy written by a family member may be more effective. Here are reasons why reading personalized eulogies during a memorial service are important.

Honor Your Loved One Using A Eulogy

Giving a eulogy is a way to honor your loved one who has passed away. Anyone can deliver a eulogy as long as they were close to the deceased. You can choose one person to deliver the eulogy on behalf of the family or have several people eulogize the deceased. That includes not just family members but also clergy, friends, and even colleagues. A eulogy is an opportunity to express your affection for your loved one and also describe their impact on the world around them.

Eulogies Help You Grieve

During the process of writing or reading the eulogy, you are forced to process the reality that your loved one is no longer living. The fact that you have to write and read about the deceased in the past tense reinforces the fact that a death has occurred. That is a very important step in grieving. You will feel the pain of loss once you accept reality. You and the people listening will feel the pain together and offer support for one another.

Eulogies Provide An Opportunity To Share Cherished Stories About The Deceased

Every member of the family has an interesting story about the deceased that would put a smile on anyone. Including favorite moments you had with the deceased in the eulogy and sharing the lessons you learned from those experiences helps everyone appreciate the impact the deceased had in the world. You may also use that opportunity to reveal a positive facet about your loved one that most people did not know. It could be about your loved one donating a toy to charity when they were younger or their beliefs about the world and so on.

Eulogies Help You Search For Meaning

cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MIWhen you are preparing a eulogy, you are forced to search for meaning and ask yourself difficult questions about the death of your loved one. It’s not unusual for people to ask themselves why their loved one had to die now or what happens next after this loss. These questions may not have clear answers, but asking them is an important step in processing and understanding your feelings about death.

Eulogies Help People Know How To Offer Support

When you describe in the eulogy how you feel about the death of your loved one, people listening will know how to support you. It also creates a sense of solidarity between you and other people who feel like you do.

If you come to us for cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI, we can also help you formulate a memorable eulogy for your loved one.