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What to Wear to a Funeral

For funerals at funeral homes in Clinton Township, MI, one of our main considerations as mourners is to make sure that we are showing respect and honor not only to the person who has died, but also to the bereaved family. What we wear to a funeral is part of that.

In a time when dressing down is the norm, even in corporate workplaces and places of worship (two venues where people once dressed more formally for), it may seem as if it is acceptable to dress down for a funeral. However, funerals are somber occasions that mark not only the passing of a life, but also a huge life transition for the family the deceased has left behind. Funerals are fraught with emotional heaviness, and what we wear can add more angst to the grieving family or it can show our support, comfort, and encouragement to them.

The focus of funerals is the deceased and the bereaved family, not the mourners who are attending. Therefore, what we wear should not draw attention to ourselves.

Conservatively dressing is the best protocol for what to wear to a funeral. While black is traditionally worn by mourners, dark brown, gray, and navy are also considerate appropriate colors for funerals in America. No printed patterns or bright colors should be worn.

Women should choose simple and modest attire, avoiding blouses and dresses that are sleeveless, low-cut, and form-fitting. Skirts that are short and that fit tightly should not be worn. Business pantsuits are acceptable as long as they fit well, but don’t conform to every curve and contour of the body.

Any accessories that women wear to a funeral should be modest. In general, jewelry should not be worn unless it’s subtle and necessary (a small watch, wedding and engagement rings, studded earrings). No high heels, sandals, or flip-flops should be worn. Instead wear simple flat dress shoes.

Men should not wear jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes or sandals. Men can wear black, gray, brown or navy suits with a dress shirt and tie, but a sports coat, a dress shirt open at the collar, and dress pants with dress shoes is also appropriate for men to wear to a funeral.

There are a few specific exceptions to the basic guidelines for what to wear to a funeral. For example, if a funeral is for a military member or veteran, military personnel will wear their dress uniforms to the service (the same goes for fire fighters, police officers, and state patrol officers). There are also some faiths that require a particular type of dress at funerals, so honor the deceased person by following the proscribed dress codes.

If you don’t know if what you want to wear to a funeral service is appropriate, here are some guidelines on what not to wear. Don’t wear your sexiest outfit or something that you would wear out to a club. Don’t wear something that exposes too much skin. Don’t wear something that everyone ooh’s and aah’s over each time you wear it. Don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t wear to a professional job interview. Don’t wear a sleeveless dress without a sweater or jacket over it. Don’t wear anything that makes noise.

Avoid use cologne or perfume when attending a funeral service. Some people are allergic to the chemicals these products contain and they can have anywhere from mild to very severe reactions to them.

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