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What to Say and Do When Someone Dies

Funeral visitations and viewings are some of the cremation services offered in Macomb, MI. Many people will hold funeral viewings or visitations, and services before their loved one is cremated. If you knew the deceased or you know the family (or a specific family member), then you should attend the visitation or viewing and the funeral service, unless the family has specifically requested that these be private and by invitation only, and you have not received an invitation.

You might not have any qualms about attending the funeral service for someone who has died, because this is typically a service where you don’t have to interact or engage with the family of the deceased.

However, attending the viewing or visitation does require one-on-one interaction with the bereaved family, and you may not be sure what to say or do when you talk with them. Here are a few things that should help make this easier.

One of the simplest and most heartfelt things that you can do as soon as you hear of the death is to send a card letting the family know that you are sorry for their loss. You don’t have to run out and buy a sympathy card.

If you have a card with a beautiful cover that is blank on the inside, then you have all you need. If you knew the deceased, be sure to acknowledge them or share a warm memory of them in the card. Sign your full name so that the family knows exactly who you are. Get the card mailed as soon as possible.

At the visitation or viewing, simply be sincere when you talk with the family. If you knew their loved one well, then be sure to let each family member know what their loved one meant to you and how sad you are for their loss.

Be sure not to be negative or disparaging about the deceased. For a grieving family, this can be very painful, hurtful, and can intensify the grief they are feeling. They need to be supported, encouraged, and comforted, so be kind and empathetic to what they are going through.

There are many funeral clichés that people instinctively fall back on in times of loss and grief. While they may be well-meaning, they can feel dismissive, disrespectful, and cold to the bereaved family. Some of these include phrases such as, “You’re better off without them,” “I know how you feel,” “At least they’re not suffering anymore,” “You’ll feel better soon,” “You need to be strong,” or “At least you had them for a little while.”

Don’t linger talking with family members, because there are other people in the line for the visitation or viewing who want to talk with them. If you monopolize their time, then they may not be able to greet all the mourners who’ve come to offer them support and encouragement, and this may leave some mourners feeling slighted.

If you want to talk to the family or a specific family member at length, call them after the viewing or visitation and ask if you can stop by and visit with them. Be sure to bring something with you when you visit. You can bring something as simple as a plant or you can bring food or grocery items.

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