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Types of Funeral Services

There are different types of funerals at funeral homes in Clinton Township, MI. Funeral services are much more customizable than in times past, so the funeral home is very capable of meeting your unique wishes and desires for your funeral service or the funeral service of a loved one.

As society has changed, so have the kinds of funeral services that people want to have after they have died. No longer is a funeral service just the traditional – and more formal – service that most of us are at least familiar with. While that type of funeral service is definitely still an option, there are many other kinds of funerals services that can be performed to honor the memory of a loved one who has died.

There are four basic types of funeral services (all of these can be customized): traditional full service burials; direct burials; full service cremations; and, direct cremations.

A traditional full service burial is composed of a visitation or viewing, a funeral service, and a cemetery burial. At a viewing or visitation, mourners can pay their last respects to the deceased and offer condolences, comfort and support to the deceased’s family.

After the viewing or visitation, which usually lasts two hours, a formal funeral ceremony is held. This ceremony usually includes a section of readings (poems, prose, etc.), eulogies (given by close friends or family members), a spiritual message, and music.

Either directly afterwards or the next day, the deceased is transported to the cemetery, where a short service is held at the grave site to commit the deceased’s body to the ground, and then it is buried. Sometimes, a reception with food and drinks is held afterwards to allow mourners to spend time with the family in a less formal atmosphere.

Direct burial is another type of funeral service. This is also known as immediate burial. A direct burial happens shortly after death and does not have any type of funeral ceremony that takes place before the burial. The funeral home simply gets the death certificate and cemetery permits, prepares the deceased for burial, and transports the deceased to the cemetery, where they are buried.

Another type of funeral service is full service cremation. Before the deceased is cremated, a visitation or viewing is held so that friends and family can pay their final respects to the deceased and often encouragement and comfort to the grieving family.

Like a full service burial, a funeral ceremony follows the viewing or visitation, composed of the traditional elements of readings, music, eulogies, and spiritual encouragement. After the funeral ceremony, the deceased is then transported to the crematory.

The family does the necessary paperwork to allow the cremation and to positively identify the deceased. Cremation, which takes about two or three hours, follows. After the cremation remains (bone fragments) have cooled, a heavy-duty magnet is used to remove any metal that may be present. Then the bone fragments are pulverized into the consistency of sand and placed in a plastic bag, which is put into a cremation container. The container with the cremation remains is then given to the deceased’s family to do with as they choose.

Direct cremation is the final type of funeral service available. With direct cremation, no funeral ceremony is held before the deceased is cremation. The deceased is cremated within 24-48 hours after death, and the cremation remains returned to their family. The family may choose to have a memorial service sometime later to remember their loved one.

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