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Making Final Wishes a Reality with Pre-Plan Funerals

Life is a compilation of significant moments, sentiments, and memories. With its myriad experiences, it warrants a dignified farewell, precisely as an individual may wish. Thus, the concept of pre-planned funerals has arisen, giving a platform for individuals to articulate their desires for their final farewell. Pre-planned funerals offer an invaluable opportunity to tailor a service that genuinely reflects one’s life, values, and personality. This forward-thinking approach allows loved ones to abide by the individual’s wishes, bringing solace in knowing they followed through with the desired tributes and commemorations.

Funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, such as the esteemed Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, offer comprehensive pre-planning services. They provide expert guidance, resources, and compassionate support in navigating such contemplative decisions. They are not only versed in the functional aspects of arranging a funeral but profoundly understand that it’s often an emotional journey filled with reflection and self-acknowledgment. With the elegance of a pre-planned funeral, final wishes can indeed become a reality. It ensures a departure in line with the personal taste, specific regulations, rituals, or customs held dear by an individual, marking their life departure with dignity, respect, and love.


Understanding the Concept of Pre-Planned Funerals

A pre-planned funeral is where an individual makes detailed arrangements for their final farewell, just as they would plan significant life events like weddings or anniversaries. The essence of this concept lies in triggering thoughtful, in-depth journeys into self-reflection regarding end-of-life arrangements. These plans cover an array of aspects, from the nature of the ceremony, and specific religious rites to be observed, to detailed funeral procedures.


Enabling Personalization in Farewells

Pre-planned funerals grant the liberty to personalize one’s farewell ceremony as per their desire. This means incorporating favorite flowers, handpicked tunes, an elaborated eulogy, favorite food, etc. These elements then transform into a representation of that person’s life and passions. Furthermore, it does away with the burden on family members, offering them a structured guideline during their grieving period.


Seeing Final Wishes to Fruition

Pre-planned funerals indeed help individuals direct their final journey, ensuring that their wishes are actualized just as they had hoped. This well-thought-out approach relieves family members from having to make major decisions in the heat of the moment, effectively allowing later gatherings to center around celebrating the departed’s life, rather than dwelling on the particulars of the ceremony.

In this world’s transient nature, pre-planned funerals serve as a reliable and respectful means of shaping one’s farewell just as one wants. By genuinely reflecting a life lived, and epitomizing the very essence of that individual, these commemorations metamorphose into meaningful narratives, leaving behind a legacy that truly echoes in eternity.

funeral homes in washington township, mi


Pre-planned funerals present a path for individuals to navigate their final wishes delicately and with dignity. Ensuring a farewell that is reflective, personalized, and true to one’s spirit, such services offer both a comforting guide for bereaved families and the realization of an individual’s ultimate desires. The funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, notably the experienced professionals at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, excel in providing this carefully orchestrated service. They lend a supportive hand, honoring final wishes comprehensively. Such an approach pays tribute to the departed’s unique life journey, celebrates their individuality, and immortalizes their ethos in the memories of those left behind. In essence, pre-planning ensures that this sacred, final narrative is told as desired, bringing a touch of tranquility amidst the harsh waves of grief. Get in touch with us now, and let us meet your needs promptly.

Funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Understanding Benefits of Veteran Funeral Services

Navigating the process of laying a loved one to rest can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when the deceased is a veteran. Understanding the benefits of Veteran Funeral Services plays a vital role in ensuring a respectful and fitting farewell. These specially tailored services honor the commitment, courage and strength of a veteran, demonstrating respect for their unforgettable role in defending their country.

At the Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, we have extensive experience in handling Veteran Funeral Services, ensuring each stage of the process is treated with the uttermost consideration. Funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, offer a wide range of personalized services that extend beyond traditional ceremonies, providing a fitting tribute to these unsung heroes. Our commitment to honoring the service and sacrifice made by veterans is central to our approach, nurturing a healing environment for those left behind. By understanding these unique benefits, families can find solace in knowing their beloved veteran is given the dignified and respectful service they earned through their service to the nation. Recognizing the specific benefits of veterans’ funeral services can make planning a touching, personalized farewell far less stressful and more meaningful. It’s not only about paying tribute, it’s about giving the highest honor to our heroes.


Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of Veteran Funeral Services

Reserved exclusively for personnel who’ve performed the noble task of defending our nation, veteran funeral services emanate a sense of overwhelming respect and gratitude. At the Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, located in the heart of Washington Township, MI, we prioritize the provision of our services with an empathetic approach. We offer a broad spectrum of personalized services beyond mere traditional ceremonies, ensuring the heroes of our land are laid to rest with the highest honor and dignity.


How Veteran Funeral Services Facilitate Sympathetic Closure

These services not only pay homage to the unforgettable role played by veterans in shaping our world but also provide much-needed closure to the mourning kin. The ceremonials and rituals involved in these services are specifically designed, to take utmost care of the emotional state of those grieving, thus fostering an environment conducive to healing. When we appreciate and understand these notable benefits, we can ensure the services provided align with the requirement of the families and friends, providing solace in such difficult times.


Profound Significance and Advantages of Veteran Funeral Services

The veteran funeral services aren’t simply about bidding farewell to a family member or a friend, but it’s more about celebrating an honorable life lived- a life dedicated to the service and protection of our nation. The authentic tributes, through distinct military rites, drive a deep sense of respect and pride among all present, while also standing as a testimony to the incredible sacrifice made by these heroes.

At the end of the day, understanding these benefits assures family members and friends that their cherished veteran’s passing will be met with respect and patriotism, in a way that celebrates and honors their life while providing comfort in moments of great sorrow.

Funeral homes in Washington Township, MI


In conclusion, acknowledging and understanding the benefits of funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are vital to honoring the memory of loved ones who served in the military. Through our expertise at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, we ensure these benefits cater to the emotional, practical, and symbolic needs of the families. Emphasizing the significance of these services gives us an opportunity to appreciate our veterans’ impact, whilst comforting mourning families with the assurance of a dignified farewell for their heroes. These services provide a sense of closure and a platform to commemorate the extraordinary lives lived, leaving an everlasting impact on all who attend.

funeral homes in Washington Township MI

Decoding Funeral Home Offerings

A Friendly Guide in Decoding Funeral Home Offerings

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be a challenging and emotional task, especially when trying to navigate the variety of services and options offered by funeral homes in Washington Township, MI. To help ease the stress and confusion, we’ve put together a friendly guide to decoding their offerings, ensuring that you feel confident in making the right choices for your family during this difficult time. 

Honoring Your Loved One Through Time

This service often includes a visitation or viewing, followed by a burial. They typically handle every aspect of the process, from providing the casket to coordinating with the cemetery. When considering a traditional one, keep in mind the following factors: 

  • Viewing: This is an opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects and say their goodbyes before the funeral service. 
  • Kind of Service: The service may include religious or cultural elements, eulogies, readings, and music. It can be held at a place of worship or another location. 
  • Burial: They can help coordinate the burial, including transportation to the cemetery and graveside services if desired. 

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Alternative

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice, as it offers more flexibility and is often more affordable than traditional burials. When opting for cremation, consider these factors: 

  • Direct cremation: This is the most cost-effective option, as it involves the cremation of the body without any additional services, such as visitation or funeral service. 
  • Cremation with a service: You can choose to have a memorial service before or after the cremation, allowing family and friends to gather and celebrate the life of your loved one. 

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Green funerals focus on minimizing the environmental impact of the burial process. If you’re interested in this eco-friendly option, consider the following: 

  • Biodegradable caskets: These caskets are made from natural materials that decompose easily, reducing their impact on the environment. 
  • Natural burial grounds: Some cemeteries specialize in green burials, using eco-friendly practices to minimize their ecological footprint. 
  • Sustainable practices: Green funerals may also include using locally sourced flowers, avoiding embalming, and encouraging carpooling or using public transportation to attend the service. 

Creating a Unique and Memorable Tribute

Many services offer personalization options to help make the memorial service a unique and meaningful tribute to your loved one. Consider these ideas: 

  • Customized caskets or urns: Choose a casket or urn that reflects your loved one’s personality, interests, or favorite colors. 
  • Music and multimedia: Incorporate your loved one’s favorite music or a slideshow of cherished photos and videos into the service. 
  • Memorial items: Create personalized keepsakes for attendees, such as memorial cards, bookmarks, or small tokens, to honor your loved one’s memory. funeral homes in Washington Township MI

Preparing for the Future

They often provide preplanning services as well, allowing you to make arrangements for your own funeral in advance. This can provide peace of mind and ease the burden on your family during a difficult time. Preplanning may include: 

  • Selecting the type of service you want. 
  • Choosing a casket, urn, or other memorial items. 
  • Prepaying for services, potentially locking in current prices and avoiding future increases. 

Grief support

  • Assistance with paperwork: Directors can help you navigate the necessary paperwork, such as death certificates and permits, and can even assist with notifying Social Security and other agencies. 
  • Online memorial pages: Some offer the option to create an online memorial page, allowing family and friends to share memories, photos, and condolences, regardless of their location.


Understanding the variety of services and options offered by funeral homes in Washington Township, MI can make the process of planning less daunting. By taking the time to consider your needs, preferences, and budget, you can make informed decisions that honor your loved one’s memory in a meaningful and personal way. Remember that Lee-Ellena Funeral Home staffs are there to support you and provide guidance during this challenging time, ensuring that you feel confident and at ease with your choices. You can call us at (586) 412-8999 to help with your need. 

funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Don’t Fall Behind

When we say don’t fall behind, we mean on social media and how it has affected the funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, and the way funerals are held. The director can tell you everything people want while respecting the family and their needs. That being said, they will also steer you clear of rude and unnecessary things.

Influencing Is Rude

Now this one should go without saying. Funerals are not the time to network or play the Instagram influencer game. The only thing that will do is make someone want to raise their voice at you for being rude. Instead, be there for the family, and wait to play the social media game another time.

Live Streaming Is Hit Or Miss

Live streaming is hit or miss when it comes to funerals. Some see it as a way to marry life and death together and celebrate the life of the one who has passed on. Others see it as letting social media run your life. Many families still prefer people to be in the moment and feel that live-streaming takes away from that. However, if the family does deem it alright with them, you can have a lovely service and ensure that the service is not so sad but instead focused on the person’s life.

Options Are More Unique Now

Options for funerals and cremations are more unique now, and social media has played some role. For instance, it used to be common to turn ashes into a piece of jewelry or keep the urn in the house. However, now, it’s widespread to turn the ashes into bullets, fireworks, ink, and other unique items. There are hundreds of different options when it comes to cremated ashes. You can also send them to space or in a hot air balloon. Each option that you have can be reflective of the family and their needs. That will give you options that will respect them and the one that was lost. That is an essential aspect of funerals, so it’s a good thing to remember.

The Selfie War And Funerals

The selfie has become extremely popular, and funerals are not immune from it. You’ll find that people still take pictures and post them to social media, which can irritate families for two reasons. First, they find it disrespectful, and second, they think social media has no place at a funeral. Many people have different takes on this type of situation, but the consensus is that you should avoid doing this if you can.

Social Media Is Here To Stay

Social media is here to stay, and you’ll have to decide if a funeral is the best place to showcase your love of it. The best thing to remember is that funeral homes in Washington Township, MI can help you understand the complexities, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution, so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. However, if social media is permitted, you can turn the person’s funeral into a celebration of life.

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A Complete Guide To Buying Luxury Caskets

Many families request luxury caskets from funeral homes in Washington Township, MI. To them, a luxurious casket is a fitting way to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones. Luxury caskets are in a category of their own separate from biodegradable caskets or military caskets and so on. They have features that make them stand out from most caskets available in the market. Here is what you need to know about luxury caskets.

Definition Of Luxury Caskets

It’s true that luxury caskets are often made of high-end materials such as hardwood or metal, but that is not what makes them unique. Luxury caskets also offer plush bedding, detailed embroidery work, inlay work, and embossing. For example, you’ll notice that luxury casket bedding or fabric lining is often velvet or satin. So, it’s not just about the quality and durability of the material used to make the casket but also the details and intricate designs added to the casket.

Types Of Luxury Caskets

Luxury caskets made from hardwoods such as mahogany, cherry, and oak are very popular because of their wood finish. Cherry wood is easy to identify because of its straight grain and reddish-brown to blond color. Caskets made from this wood often have a velvet interior, embroidery on the interior panel, and handle finishes. Solid Oak caskets have a warm honey color and can come with either a glossy finish or a matte finish. You can choose many customization options such as the type of fabric for interior lining and the type of bedding. These caskets are easier to find because oak is more plentiful than other hardwood.

Mahogany And Metal Caskets

With their deep color and rich texture, mahogany caskets are some of the most popular luxury wood caskets. They tend to come with a high-sheen gloss finish but the details and the fabrics used are similar to those of other luxury wood caskets. Metal caskets categorized under luxury are often made from solid bronze, high-quality steel, or solid copper. They have the same finishing and details that you will find on wood luxury caskets such as custom finish handles, velvet interiors, and more.

Why Do Families Choose Luxury Caskets?funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Families often choose luxury caskets for their loved one’s funeral to honor their loved one’s memory and show their respect. They view a luxury casket as a final tribute to a loved one that enriched their lives by providing love, protection, and strength in times of weakness. But sometimes a family buys a luxury casket because it was one of the loved one’s last wishes or their deceased kin loved luxurious stuff. It can also be a way to provide a sense of comfort and security to grieving family members during a difficult time. Additionally, some families may choose a luxury casket because they believe it offers superior quality and durability compared to less expensive options.

If you are considering buying a luxury casket, we can help you make the right choice at our funeral home in Washington Township, MI.


funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Don’t Overlook These When Buying A Casket

Buying a casket and other funeral items is part of planning a funeral. But always ask questions about features you need to look at when selecting a casket at funeral homes in Washington Township, MI. Everybody talks about the material used to make the casket but there are other smaller details that people overlook only to regret when it’s too late. Caskets are a huge purchase which means you should pay attention to the following to make the right purchase.

Casket Bedding

A casket bedding provides a comfortable surface for the deceased to lie on. Some people dismiss this feature as a trivial detail forgetting that the quality of the bedding determines how good it is at absorbing moisture and any bodily fluids. The bedding used can prevent a problem from becoming a disaster. High-end caskets often come with bedding made from velvet and satin. Choosing the right color of bedding may also affect the appearance of your loved one. So, choose a color that complements the deceased person’s skin color and appearance.

Do The Hinges Work

You are likely to deal with faulty casket hinges if you buy from online vendors. Hinges help you open and close the casket with ease. If you are having a traditional funeral with a viewing, you are going to have to open and close the casket lid multiple times. The hinges on low-quality caskets can break or fail easily. A situation where the funeral service has ended but the casket lid cannot close securely can cause unnecessary delays. Hinges also add to the aesthetics of the casket, which means that low-quality hinges will make the casket look cheap.

Fabrics Used As Interior Lining

Silk is a popular choice for the interior of the casket but there are other affordable options such as cotton, felt, polyester, and velvet. Cotton is a great choice if you are environmentally conscious because it is a breathable natural fabric. Velvet and satin are the most popular choices because they have a great texture and come in a variety of colors. Silk is also smooth to the touch and shiny in appearance but is not as affordable. If you are having trouble choosing the right fabric, choose the option you think your loved one would have preferred.

You Can Customize A Casket

Most people buy caskets as they do not know that you can ask for modifications. You can ask the seller to change the color, material, or design of the coffin to personalize it in honor of your loved one. Customization can be as simple as embossing the name of your loved one on the coffin to printing their photo on the casket’s exterior. Other modifications you can request include embroidered head panels, the addition of religious hardware to the exterior, and printing photos of emblems and flags to the exterior of the casket.funeral home in Washington Township, MI

Like other respectable funeral homes in Washington Township, MI we only provide quality caskets fitting for your loved one. You can ask our experienced staff any question about caskets and they will answer truthfully and even offer ideas.

funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Are Casket Rentals A Cost-Effective Alternative to Purchasing

You can ask funeral homes in Washington Township, MI to organize a traditional funeral that includes a cremation of your loved one. Traditional in this context means that there will be a memorial service, a funeral service, and a visitation or wake. For the viewing part of the funeral, you are going to need a rental casket if you are concerned about the cost. Here is what you need to know about rental caskets.

Understanding Rental Caskets

These types of caskets only became a thing when cremation started becoming popular. They can also be used in situations where the family wants to bury their loved one in a biodegradable container. Rental caskets are different from other caskets because they have a removable interior. This insert is a box made of wood or very heavy cardboard. So, the casket itself can be used several times without actually getting into direct contact with a body. The exterior of rental caskets just looks like normal or standard caskets used in traditional funerals.

Rental Caskets Can Save you Money

The average cost of a rental casket is between $690 and $990, which is less than half the cost of a new casket. You may pay lower or higher than the average based on the type or style of the casket you choose. The interior of the casket is cremated together with the deceased. That means that the insert does not have to be made of expensive treated wood or metal, all it has to be is combustible. You can view this option as more environmentally friendly than when you use a traditional casket.

Where to get rental caskets

Ask the funeral home you want to use whether they provide rental caskets. There are also companies that specialize in providing rental caskets and you can find them online or ask your funeral director for recommendations. You should make arrangements in advance so that your requirements are met by the funeral home or company that provides rental caskets. You also need to ask about whether the funeral home requires families of the deceased to buy a cremation casket.

Regulations For Renting A Casket

funeral homes in Washington Township

Renting a casket may not sound like such a hygienic option. Fortunately, there are laws that regulate how these caskets are supposed to be made and used. While these caskets have a standard appearance, they are actually designed for multi-use purposes. They are fitted with a new insert for every use and the renter is informed beforehand that the casket has been used already and will be reclaimed by the company or funeral home. But if the non-removable portion of the casket is stained, contaminated, or soiled by a body placed in the insert, it cannot be reused. Rental caskets are legal to use if these regulations are obeyed.

Rental caskets are becoming popular as more families choose the cremation option for their loved ones. We offer affordable cremation services in Washington Township, MI, and can also help you find the right rental casket for your loved one.

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How To Make A Memorial Service Special

People who use funeral homes in Washington Township, MI often ask how they can make the memorial service of a loved one special. Due to challenging times, most people are looking for creative and affordable ways to perform memorial services that honor their loved ones. Here are some creative ways to make a memorial service special.

The Memorial Service A Celebration Of Life

Celebrating the life of your loved one can be done in a number of ways during a memorial service. Since it will be an informal occasion, you can share the memories of the deceased in a cheerful manner. This may involve performing the service at a location your loved one frequented such as a beach, a skating rink, a forest, or even a park. Attendees can share happy memories they have about the deceased including even joking about their experiences together. Drinking and merriment can also be included in the service.

Flowers And Decorations Can Make A Memorial Service Unforgettable

Adding decorative details such as flowers can help you honor your loved one. Create flower arrangements that include your loved one’s favorite color or even plants. Colorful flowers personalize the memorial service, unlike white flowers which are often used in traditional funerals. You don’t have to include many different colors, just use two colors. The flower arrangements don’t have to be too complicated.

Have A Custom Memorial Stone Made

A granite memorial stone that either has the photo or symbol of your loved one is a great way to personalize a memorial service. The stone can have other information such as the name of the deceased, date of birth, and date of death. Display the stone during the memorial service and then take it home with you and place it in an appropriate place. Some people place custom memorial stones at a place their loved ones spent most of their time in their house.

Display Photos Of Your Loved One’s Happy Times

Presenting happy photos of your loved one can make it easier for people attending the memorial service to start conversations about their experiences with the deceased. These conversations are like numerous eulogies that family members share with each other. You may place clothing or sports memorabilia or other items that family members associate with the deceased at the place where you display the photos.

funeral home in Washington TownshipPlant A Special Tree

Planting a tree in memory of your loved one is a great idea if your loved one was cremated. You can put the ashes in the place you want to plant the tree if that is what your loved one wanted. But you can just plant a tree even if there was no cremation. The tree can remind you of your loved one whenever you look outside.

These are just a few ideas you can add to your memorial service plan when looking for funeral and cremation services in Washington Township, MI. Our caring and experienced staff can help you create a plan for an unforgettable memorial service for your loved one. Contact us today and let us support you in your time of need.

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What Do Funeral Directors Help With Regarding Final Plans?

When you are trying to plan final services for a loved one, the professionals working at funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are going to be in your corner the whole way through. The funeral director is the person you will go to for help and they will plan the process with you every step of the way. You might wonder what all they will do to help you and here are a few things that will aid you along the way.

They Showcase The Plan Options

The first thing the funeral director is going to do, after showing you immediate compassion, is show you the plan options you have available to you. They want you to understand what the choices are so you are able to choose which one you want for your loved one with confidence. They understand that not everyone is going to know what the options are and they are there to show them to you and answer any questions you have right away or down the road.

They Come Up With Ideas

You might be able to make certain choices with ease, but there may also come a time in the planning process that you aren’t sure what to do. The funeral director is going to have plenty of ideas for you to consider when those times roll around. They have a lot of experience and they are going to get to know you and your family and that gives them the opportunity to give you customized ideas that might help you nicely.

They Implement The Service Details

The funeral home is never going to make decisions for you, but once you make choices, they are going to implement them and pull the details together for you. It’s nice to know that all you really have to do is make decisions, then, you pass off the planning process to the professionals. They will implement those decisions for you so there is much less of a burden on you.

They Run The Event

‘When the day of the funeral comes around, the funeral director is there to run the event for you. They will work in the background of the day and ensure that if any snags occur, they smooth them over and take care of them before you even know about it. They are on hand for every part of the day to support you and help you to get things to run smoothly.

They Give Grief Resources Later

funeral home in Washington Township, MI

After the final services are over, the funeral director is still going to be there for you. You can return to them for grief resources at any time and they will support you with compassion, even then. They aren’t going anywhere and will always be there for you.

If you are ready for final service plans, funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are going to direct you with the planning process. The funeral director does a lot to help with the process.

funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

Making Funeral Home Arrangements On A Limited Budget

It’s always going to be hard to make arrangements for a loved one with funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, but when you have a limited budget for that process, it can feel even harder. If you have a small budget and a loved one needs final services, here are some ways you can cut back, save, and still get what your loved one needs for that final service process.

Get A Functional Casket

Caskets come in many different styles and they are also going to range in price. There are basic, standard caskets that are going to be functional, but less expensive. There’s nothing wrong with getting something basic because it will help you to meet your loved one’s needs, but it will come at a cost you can afford. Talk to the professionals about your limited budget and they will help you understand where you might be able to spend more and where you can save so you have more for other areas. Caskets are one thing you can get at a lower price, but still have the functionality you need.

Skip The Embalming Process

Embalming is a part of the funeral process, but it’s not a process that has to be carried out. You might think it’s required, but it really isn’t. It’s an expensive process that uses expensive chemicals and professional applications. But if you have a closed casket visitation and/or funeral, or you go with direct burial, you really don’t need embalming to be done at all. This process is meant to preserve your loved ones for their services, but if they will not be seen, it’s not needed.

Look At The Costs From Various Funeral Homes

Funeral homes should be completely open about the costs they charge for their services. You need to have their price lists so you can compare them to other funeral homes. The first step in getting things on your smaller budget is finding a funeral home you can trust to give you fair, affordable prices. Compare the prices online with the averages and among other funeral homes so you know what you deserve to be charged.

Take Professional Advice

Once you have a funeral home on hand, you are going to want to take their advice. It can help you to get the budget straight so you are able to give your loved ones what they need while you satisfy the price parameters you have for the process. They are there to help and when you give them a budget, they will help you to stick to it.

funeral homes in Washington Township, MI

There are lots of different funeral homes in Washington Township, MI on the market and all funeral services are going to come at a cost. You are going to want to work with professionals who charge fair, affordable prices and people who have enough experience to help you work within your budget parameters, whatever they may be. Be open and honest with the professionals so you can get your needs met in an effective manner.