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Questions to Consider if You Want to Preplan a Cremation Service

It makes sense to preplan a funeral service or cremation service with a Washington Township, MI funeral home. Completing this task will ensure your wishes are respected after your passing. And it will also mean your loved ones won’t have to make plans for you. You may or may not know that cremation is now the leading body disposition option. If you’re interested in arranging a cremation service, read on to see some questions you should ask yourself.

Do I Want to Combine a Cremation with a Funeral Service?

When you decide to preplan a cremation, you can decide whether to combine that body disposition option with a funeral service. The choice is, of course, yours. But there are some benefits to having a funeral service in addition to a cremation. If you choose the right funeral home, you’ll be able to have a funeral service ahead of the cremation or after the cremation.

One reason to preplan a funeral service in addition to a cremation is that it will benefit your family. Funerals provide the chance for people to mourn, to celebrate the memory of deceased loved ones, and to gain closure. It’s something that really will be a blessing to your loved ones.

What Do I Want My Family to Do with My Ashes?Washington Township, MI cremation services

There are many things that your family can do with your cremated remains. They can take the ashes home with them in an urn, scatter your ashes, get memorial jewelry, bury your urn in an urn garden, place your urn in a columbarium, and much more. If you research the various options for cremated remains, you might actually be surprised at all the options available.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s no reason you have to limit yourself to one option. Depending on what you want, you might ask your family to do multiple things with your ashes. They could, for instance, scatter some of your ashes after a memorial service and then retain some of your ashes in an urn that can be placed somewhere in the family home.

What Type of Urn Should I Get?

While preplanning a final service, you’ll be able to choose the urn you want your cremated remains to be placed into. Ask the funeral director who helps you preplan for a general price list. This document will show you the urns that the funeral home offers. You should also ask the funeral director a lot of questions if you’re not sure what urn to buy. The funeral director will assist you by asking you some questions to see what you’re looking for in a cremation urn.

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