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How To Buy A Headstone

A headstone is among the items most funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI will ask you to choose if your loved one has passed away. But you have to consult a cemetery to see if they allow headstones and what types of headstones they allow. Headstones are not just a way to honor your loved one but also mark where your loved one is buried. Here is a simple way to buy a headstone.

Visit the cemetery

You need to visit the cemetery grounds and look at the headstones, monuments, and grave markers to get an idea of what you want. You can also talk to cemetery staff and describe your headstone idea to see what they think.

Pick The Right Size Of Headstone

Contact the cemetery and inquire about the maximum headstone size they allow. They can tell you about their requirements and even help you understand their rules and regulations. Once you have checked with the cemetery, go ahead and get a headstone of the correct size.

Choose The Headstone Shape You Prefer

Headstones come in various shapes such as square top, half round, oval with shoulders, peon top, serpentine top, and more. Traditional headstones are a safer choice but if you are adventurous you can go for shapes such as half-ogee-top or even offset-peon-top headstones. But monument dealers are probably going to charge you more for headstones that have creative shapes that make a graveside stand out.

Select An Epitaph Or Verse That Says Something About The Life Of Your Loved One

Epitaphs and verses are not hard to get, but you need something moving or something that sends a good message. Just think carefully about what you want to write on the headstone. It’s up to you how personalized you want the headstone to be. Some people even add amusing messages on the headstone marking the grave of their loved one. Other information added to a headstone includes the full name of the deceased and their date of birth and death.

Pick A Font That Is Easy To Read

There are hundreds of fonts you can choose from, but remember that you need a font that anyone can read easily. The traditional fonts used for headstones include Script, Times Roman, and Block. Talk to the monument owner and have them sketch the name of your loved one in the different fonts you are drawn to on a piece of paper.

Choose The Right Color

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You can choose neutral colors such as barre gray, memory rose, and Dakota mahogany. But there are many other colors for granite headstones that you can pick. The right color could be the color that you feel will make it easier for people to see the photo and epitaph on the headstone. You could also pick your loved one’s favorite color.

Our caring and experienced professionals can advise you about headstones. Arranging the funeral down to its smallest detail is part of what we do when providing funeral and cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI.

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Funerals Scams You Should Avoid

After losing a loved one it’s always a good idea to call several funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI to find out if they offer the funeral services you are looking for. During this stage of finding a funeral home, you are likely to run up against some scams. Scammers can target you at every stage of the funeral arrangement process. Here are some scams you should look out for.

Why Scammers Target The Bereaved

Scamming is a distasteful thing for anyone to do, but there are many crooks that specifically target the bereaved because they are vulnerable. You have to be careful who you talk to about your deceased loved one, and who you welcome into your home during the memorial or funeral service.

Robbers Targeting Homes Of The Bereaved

Some scammers read published obituaries and the time of services so that they can determine when the family will not be in their home. You can prevent this by having someone stay at home at the time of the memorial or funeral service so that no crook will be tempted to enter and rob the place. You can talk to a funeral director if you are concerned that crooks may use the obituary to target your loved one’s home.

Stealing The Identity Of The Deceased Person

Crooks seek out a specific deceased person and steal their Social Security Number and other important information. They use the information to open accounts, take loans, and file tax returns. While this kind of scam does not often result in the family members of the deceased facing lawsuits, it can cause a lot of frustration and havoc. This kind of scam is known as “ghosting”.

How To Protect Yourself From Ghosting

You can ask your funeral director not to include information such as birth date, maiden name and other information crooks can use to guess someone’s Social Security Number in the obituary. You can also call the Social Security Administration to report your loved one’s death. Another precaution is to order multiple certified copies of the death certificate with and without the cause of death. You should request a copy of a credit report of the deceased and use it to find any active accounts or debts that the deceased owed. But if you suspect that fraud has already occurred and you have evidence, contact the police in the deceased’s jurisdiction.

Beware Of Fake Funeral Companies

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It is always a good idea to visit the physical location of a funeral home you found online or found in an advert in traditional media such as magazines or newspapers. This is especially important if you are pre-planning your funeral. There are people that have purchased caskets and funeral packages online without researching whether the company they are transacting with is legit.

We have been providing funeral and cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI for years. Our caring and experienced staff will not only advise you on funeral scams but also help you create a lasting and meaningful tribute to the life of your loved one.

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What Type Of Urn Is Best For Ashes

All funeral homes in Washington Township, MI offer a variety of urns for cremation ashes. Not all urn options are appropriate for keeping ashes for a long time. Urns are also made using various materials meaning that they vary in price. The best urn for you is the urn that catches your eye and is within your budget. Here are some tips for getting the best urn.

What You Want To Do With The Ashes Is Important

It doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive urn when all you want to do is scatter or bury the ashes. There are affordable urns that you can use to keep the ashes before you scatter them or you can put them in any container that can securely hold the ashes. Biodegradable urns that easily break down in water or while buried in the earth are a great choice if you are considering water burial or natural burial for the ashes. If you want to keep the ashes, buy a durable urn that you can display in a room in your house. You will need more than one urn if you want family members to share the ashes.

Material Used To Make The Urn

Consider the material used to make the urn, but base your decision not only on your budget but also on how you want to use the urn. Urns made of harder more durable materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, and glass are a better option if you want to keep the ashes for a long time. Frequently people choose the type of material that they prefer rather than considering how they want to use the urn. In case you want to bury the urn, consult the cemetery staff to confirm if they may require a concrete vault for the urn.

Consider Size And Shape Of The Urn

Urns come in different sizes and shapes. Fortunately, retailers add the amount in cubic meters each urn can hold in the label. They may make it simpler for you to tell the appropriate size of an urn by the weight of the person who was cremated. The shape of the urn varies from vase-shaped urns to simple wooden boxes. If an urn has a simple box shape, it may be intended for holding the ash temporarily as you search for a suitable urn for the ashes of your loved one.

Custom Urns For Your Garden

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If your loved one used to love the outdoors or gardening, you should consider custom garden urns. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are made to look like huge tear drops while others are curved into the shape of the Buddha. They are normally designed not to look out of place in the garden. But they are more expensive than traditional urns you may find at your local funeral home.

We provide funeral and cremation services in Washington Township, MI, and can help you find the right urn for your loved one’s ashes. Our professional staff has years of experience helping families to organize funerals and will support and guide you through the loss of a loved one.

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How To Make A Memorial Service Special

People who use funeral homes in Washington Township, MI often ask how they can make the memorial service of a loved one special. Due to challenging times, most people are looking for creative and affordable ways to perform memorial services that honor their loved ones. Here are some creative ways to make a memorial service special.

The Memorial Service A Celebration Of Life

Celebrating the life of your loved one can be done in a number of ways during a memorial service. Since it will be an informal occasion, you can share the memories of the deceased in a cheerful manner. This may involve performing the service at a location your loved one frequented such as a beach, a skating rink, a forest, or even a park. Attendees can share happy memories they have about the deceased including even joking about their experiences together. Drinking and merriment can also be included in the service.

Flowers And Decorations Can Make A Memorial Service Unforgettable

Adding decorative details such as flowers can help you honor your loved one. Create flower arrangements that include your loved one’s favorite color or even plants. Colorful flowers personalize the memorial service, unlike white flowers which are often used in traditional funerals. You don’t have to include many different colors, just use two colors. The flower arrangements don’t have to be too complicated.

Have A Custom Memorial Stone Made

A granite memorial stone that either has the photo or symbol of your loved one is a great way to personalize a memorial service. The stone can have other information such as the name of the deceased, date of birth, and date of death. Display the stone during the memorial service and then take it home with you and place it in an appropriate place. Some people place custom memorial stones at a place their loved ones spent most of their time in their house.

Display Photos Of Your Loved One’s Happy Times

Presenting happy photos of your loved one can make it easier for people attending the memorial service to start conversations about their experiences with the deceased. These conversations are like numerous eulogies that family members share with each other. You may place clothing or sports memorabilia or other items that family members associate with the deceased at the place where you display the photos.

funeral home in Washington TownshipPlant A Special Tree

Planting a tree in memory of your loved one is a great idea if your loved one was cremated. You can put the ashes in the place you want to plant the tree if that is what your loved one wanted. But you can just plant a tree even if there was no cremation. The tree can remind you of your loved one whenever you look outside.

These are just a few ideas you can add to your memorial service plan when looking for funeral and cremation services in Washington Township, MI. Our caring and experienced staff can help you create a plan for an unforgettable memorial service for your loved one. Contact us today and let us support you in your time of need.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Casket

When choosing a casket at funeral homes in Shelby Charter Township, MI you have to think about a number of factors. Caskets are often only necessary if you chose a traditional funeral because it involves burying the deceased. The casket provided for viewing the body before cremation is not similar in quality to the one provided for a burial. Here are ways you can choose a casket for a traditional funeral.

Consider The Type Of Casket You Want

If you want your loved one to be entombed, you may want a casket that can last a long time. That means buying a casket made from durable materials. You may also need to buy a casket for cremation purposes especially if there will be a viewing before the cremation. Cremation caskets are often made from biodegradable materials such as cardboard, bamboo, or even wood. Your casket choice can also be determined by your budget. On the other hand, a bigger budget means you can quality caskets made from durable materials complete with elaborate designs.

High-Quality Materials For Caskets

Caskets made of wood or metal are commonly used in funerals. High-quality wood includes Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry, which are obviously not cheap. A great alternative for costly wood materials includes Maple, Oak, or Birch. If you have a smaller budget, then you can always buy caskets made from Willow, Poplar, or Pine.

Metal Caskets Are Durable

Metal caskets also vary in quality just like wood caskets. The least expensive option is a standard steel casket that can either be 20-gauge, 18-gauge, or 16-gauge. Among all these, the 20-gauge casket is the most affordable but that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. The 20-gauge option is the thinnest compared to the 18-gauge (medium) and the 16-gauge (thickest). A great alternative if you have a slightly bigger budget is stainless steel because it’s more durable and is available in the same gauges. Another option is to go for either a copper or bronze coffin that is just as durable and rust-resistant. But apart from being more expensive than stainless steel, copper and bronze oxidize after a certain period of time, which is a similar process to rusting.

Green Caskets Save The Environment

Green or eco-friendly caskets can be made from bamboo, sea grass, or willow. You may be presented with the option of using an eco-friendly burial shroud made from linen, wool, or silk when you buy a green casket. They are called eco-friendly because they break down easily and enrich the soil around them, unlike metal caskets that last much longer. Cardboard caskets can also be included in the eco-friendly category.

cremation service - Shelby Charter Township, MIBuying The Casket From A Funeral Home

Choosing the casket at our funeral home is a convenient option because it means you have more time to grieve. But if you are pre-planning a funeral, you can go to stores that specialize in selling caskets, especially if you are interested in custom caskets.

We provide funeral and cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI, and also help you find the right casket for your loved one.

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What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Contemporary Funerals

Many funeral homes in Shelby Charter Township, MI offer more than one type of funeral. You can either choose a traditional funeral that follows common traditions and rituals, or a contemporary funeral that includes different rituals and customized services to personalize a funeral. Your choice between the two can be guided by the wishes of your departed loved one and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Here are some of the differences between traditional and contemporary funerals.

Common Characteristics Of A Traditional Funeral

Traditional Funerals often have four main events including visitation, funeral service, committal service, and funeral reception. Family and friends visit the bereaved to comfort them and pay their respects to the deceased. After this, a funeral service is held to honor the deceased and then a committal service is held at the burial site before the grave is covered. A funeral reception is then held to allow family and friends to spend time together and share their memories of the deceased. At every stage of this traditional funeral, there are various rituals observed depending on the religion of the deceased.

Contemporary Funerals Break All The Rules

Most of the rules of a traditional funeral service are broken during a contemporary funeral service. For example, contemporary funeral services can be held in various locations, not just a church or a funeral home. To honor a loved one that loved skating, you can hold a funeral service at a skating rink or a room decorated with a skating theme. Even the rituals observed in a contemporary funeral are not often religious in nature and do not follow any common traditional practices. In fact, there may be no hint of religion in a contemporary funeral at all. The objects or images included in a contemporary funeral are deliberately chosen to individualize the funeral and honor the deceased loved one.

How To Choose Either A Traditional Or Contemporary Funeral

It helps if your loved one gave specific instructions about what kind of funeral they prefer. But if there were no instructions, then it’s up to you what kind of funeral you feel will be appropriate. A traditional funeral includes rituals that have both cultural and religious significance. Not only do these rituals mark an important milestone that every human must experience but also help you feel like you are not alone when grieving. On the other hand, a contemporary funeral frees you to celebrate the life of your loved one without any cultural or religious restrictions. You can make the ceremony as cheerful or as somber as you like without worrying about anyone’s disapproval.

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Talk to our funeral director to help you organize the type of funeral that you want. We will not only help you understand our cremation services in Shelby Charter Township, MI but also explain all the factors you need to consider for any type of funeral. Our caring professionals have years of experience helping families and will be glad to help you create a lasting and meaningful tribute to the life of your loved one.

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Funeral Home Planning Steps

When someone in your family passes on and you find yourself in charge of their final services, you might recognize that you have never had to make final service plans before. That’s okay. The professionals at funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI make these plans on a regular basis and they know just what steps you need to take to get things in order for your loved one. They won’t let you leave anything important out. Here are a few of the funeral home planning steps.

1-Choose Funeral Home Professionals

The first thing you are going to need is a funeral home to help you with the planning process. You need the professionals to be by your side, presenting options to you, supporting you, and showing compassion every step of the way—and they will be. While you want to hand your loved one over to experts soon, you have a little time to figure out what funeral home you are going to use. Research websites, make some phone calls, and take a few tours and the answer should be clear enough.

2-Consider The Service Options

Most funeral homes have two basic options, funerals and cremation services, from which to choose. They will tell you about each and show you package options that include everything you need. It’s a good idea to start with a package while keeping in mind that you can add anything you want, rearrange, or change things to your liking. The package can help you meet your loved one’s needs without forgetting anything important. The main decision is revolving around whether you want a traditional funeral and burial or a cremation service for them.

3-Go Over The Budget

It is always a good idea to have a budget in place and in mind for the final services. You might get the money from your loved one’s life insurance, their savings, your own savings, money family has pooled together, or wherever else you can access the cash you need. Let the professionals know how much you have to work with and that can help them to understand what options will work for you and what might be out of your price range. They can help you to meet your loved one’s needs in an honorable manner without going over your budget.

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4-Getting Into The Details

No matter which service option you choose, there are going to be details to decide upon. With a funeral, you’ll need a casket, a burial plot, a headstone, and other such things. With a cremation, you might want an urn, you have to decide between full and direct cremation, you’ll want to think about final resting place options, and so on. The funeral home knows everything you have to decide and can help you along the way.

When you plan for a loved one who has passed on, you’ll want to consider what they would want in every decision you make. Contact funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI for details and help.

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Direct Cremation Comes With Benefits

When someone in your family passes on, there are a lot of decisions to make to take care of their needs. You will have to figure out if you want to have a funeral and burial for them or if you want to go with cremation services in Washington Township, MI. There are also different kinds of cremation to consider, like full or direct cremation. As you make decisions, it can help you to know the benefits of each option so you can move forward in the right direction. Here are the benefits that come along with direct cremation services.

Low Costs

Every final service is going to have a cost attached to it, but direct cremation is the lowest cost method available. There are far fewer products and services associated with direct cremation than with any other service. You don’t need a burial plot, a casket, funeral services, or many other things that cost. All you have to have is a cremation package and that will cover everything your loved one has to have. These packages come with the cremation service, transportation, and a simple container for your loved one’s remains.

A Versatile Timeline

Your loved one has needs that have to be met and that is what the cremation process will do. But after that, you can do whatever you want on any timeline you want. You can have a memorial service right away or wait a week, a month, or even longer. You can decide on a final resting place immediately or you can put that off until you are more ready for that process. The only thing that is on a timeline is the cremation itself. After that, you do whatever you want at any time.

Memorial Service Types Can Vary

For a funeral, things generally happen one way. If you are going to have a memorial service, you can make it into anything you want for your loved one. You can do something somber that feels like a funeral or you can do something celebratory in nature. You can have something small or something that involves the whole community. It’s nice to know that you can do whatever you want at any time. It can make the whole things unique and special as well as memorable for your whole family.

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Making decisions for someone who passed on is always going to be hard. You are going to want to cover their needs, but also think about what they would have wanted. It’s good to know that every service a funeral home carries is honorable, even cremation services in Washington Township, MI. To that end, you can’t go wrong with what you choose. But there are advantages to going a direct route with cremation and it can help you to decide if you know what all of those are. You get to make the final decisions and you want to be certain about them before you move forward. The professionals can answer any questions you have to help you decide with confidence.

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What Do Funeral Directors Help With Regarding Final Plans?

When you are trying to plan final services for a loved one, the professionals working at funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are going to be in your corner the whole way through. The funeral director is the person you will go to for help and they will plan the process with you every step of the way. You might wonder what all they will do to help you and here are a few things that will aid you along the way.

They Showcase The Plan Options

The first thing the funeral director is going to do, after showing you immediate compassion, is show you the plan options you have available to you. They want you to understand what the choices are so you are able to choose which one you want for your loved one with confidence. They understand that not everyone is going to know what the options are and they are there to show them to you and answer any questions you have right away or down the road.

They Come Up With Ideas

You might be able to make certain choices with ease, but there may also come a time in the planning process that you aren’t sure what to do. The funeral director is going to have plenty of ideas for you to consider when those times roll around. They have a lot of experience and they are going to get to know you and your family and that gives them the opportunity to give you customized ideas that might help you nicely.

They Implement The Service Details

The funeral home is never going to make decisions for you, but once you make choices, they are going to implement them and pull the details together for you. It’s nice to know that all you really have to do is make decisions, then, you pass off the planning process to the professionals. They will implement those decisions for you so there is much less of a burden on you.

They Run The Event

‘When the day of the funeral comes around, the funeral director is there to run the event for you. They will work in the background of the day and ensure that if any snags occur, they smooth them over and take care of them before you even know about it. They are on hand for every part of the day to support you and help you to get things to run smoothly.

They Give Grief Resources Later

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After the final services are over, the funeral director is still going to be there for you. You can return to them for grief resources at any time and they will support you with compassion, even then. They aren’t going anywhere and will always be there for you.

If you are ready for final service plans, funeral homes in Washington Township, MI are going to direct you with the planning process. The funeral director does a lot to help with the process.

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Trusting A Cremation Provider

Making your own plans for cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI in advance isn’t exactly easy, but it’s something that can be important to your own peace of mind and, in the future, to your family. When you start to think about what you want, if you land on cremation, you are going to want to find a provider you can trust. Not only are you putting your future plans into their hands, but they are going to be there to care for your family when you no longer can. You need to be able to trust them. Watch for certain things when you look into the providers to ensure that trust is something you can have in them.

Their Experience

Cremation is a meticulous process that should only be done by the proper professionals. You want those experts to have years of experience in their background so you know they know just what they are doing. They can take you through the cremation procedure on a step by step basis and describe everything to you. They have identification steps in place and there are never mistakes with something this important. That experience level can help you to trust they know the ins and outs of cremation and will process yours well.

They Have Positive Reviews

Provider websites can tell you a lot, but they won’t say anything negative about their services, so if you want a full picture, look at reviews on the funeral home outside of their website. People are honest about their experiences, perhaps even more so when they have negative things to say. If you only find glowing reports and positive details, that means you can trust that funeral home with your plans.

Pricing Is Affordable And Fair

Funeral home providers should be completely upfront about their pricing and costs. They will give you a price list whenever you ask and describe things to you when you ask. Once you have those prices, it’s easy to compare them to other funeral homes and see who is offering middle of the line, fair, affordable prices and who might be under or overcharging. You can trust a funeral home with fair prices.

Prompt Service

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Even if you are planning things in advance and you aren’t on a set timeline, the cremation provider should give you prompt service. When you call and leave a message, they should get back to you in short order. When you email a question, they should reply. That will show you what kind of customer service they have and when it’s good, you can trust that it will be good for your family in the future, too.

When you arrange your own cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI, you have time on your side to go through the options and choose a provider you can trust. This is an important decision that takes research and effort, but it’s worth it to leave your plans in good hands. You have peace of mind that your family will be cared for nicely as well.