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Nourishing Families Around Funeral Services

Your heart goes out to your friends when you hear they have lost a loved one. Perhaps you have lost someone close to you as well and you understand how hard the grieving process is. While the process will be different for your friend than it was for you around funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, one thing remains the same—physical needs are going to be present. Your friend needs to take care of themselves now more than ever. As they grieve, you have compassion for them and want to reach out to them in support. One thing you might do is nourish them and their family with meals. Here are some of the options to consider:

Organize A Meal Train

Taking a meal to the grieving family is always nice, but you can take another step in that direction and organize a meal train with other people who want to help. Find an online outlet and have people sign up so you can cover meals for the family for a certain amount of time. You can ask your friend what types of things the family enjoys and list those options as well. People can leave the meals in a cooler at their doorstep so they don’t feel like they have to interact and entertain a lot. It can really help them to care for themselves and possibly extra family members that they might have in their home during this hard time.

Gift Cards For Area Restaurants

Not everyone is good at organizing or cooking, but that’s okay, there are still things you can do. You know what restaurants the family frequents and you know what your friend enjoys. Send gift cards to area restaurants, perhaps that deliver or at least have take out. That can help your friend to get something fresh for their family as a treat. It might also encourage them to get out of the house, even if only for a little while to pick up a meal.

A Basket Of Fruit

Comfort foods are always nice, but you don’t necessarily want your friend to feast on empty calories. They need fuel for their body during this hard time and they may have a lot of family coming in and out, making eating properly even harder. A fruit basket can give them something easy to grab and snack on that will also give them the energy they need to make it through the day, or even the next few hours. It’s also a nice thing they can have out for their family members to enjoy when they come through.

Grocery Deliveryfuneral homes in Washington Township, MI

Perhaps you know that your friend actually enjoys cooking and you feel like they might appreciate the distraction. You can have some of the basics delivered to their house from a nearby grocery store. Make sure they have milk, orange juice, eggs, and other basics. You can also send them some baking mixes and fresh ingredients in case they feel like some cathartic time in the kitchen.

If you want to help a grieving family around services with funeral homes in Washington Township, MI, the professionals can help with more ideas.