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Non-Traditional Memorial Service

Traditional memorial services have long included religious aspects such as hymns, reading scripture and delivering eulogies. Funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI have had to accommodate a shift from traditional memorial services to non-traditional ones because many people want to celebrate life instead of focusing on death. Non-traditional memorial services are personalized memorial services that focus on the life of the deceased and how that life enriched the lives of family and friends of the deceased.

Celebration Of Life Focuses On Achievements And Personality Of The Deceased

One of the most popular non-traditional memorial service options is the celebration of life. Celebrations of life are events where people gather to celebrate the life achievements and unique personality of the deceased person. Unlike traditional memorial services, there is more focus on positive memories and experiences in a celebration of life. Some activities included in a celebration of life include playing the deceased person’s favorite music, reading poems, sharing food, group prayer, fundraisers and more.

Speeches And Eulogies In Celebration Of Life

Another characteristic of a celebration of life is that the speeches and eulogies are more heartfelt and meaningful. The speeches, eulogies, and stories shared are going to make people laugh and cry. People grieve together and listen to happy and challenging experiences other friends and family members had with the deceased.

Non-traditional Settings For Celebration Of Life

While traditional memorial services are often held in funeral homes, celebrations of life can be held anywhere. Family of the deceased can choose a location that reminds them of the deceased or a location the deceased loved to visit. Non-traditional settings for holding a memorial service can include places such as a beach, a skating rink, and more.

Virtual Memorial Service Is Inclusive For People Who Cannot Travel

Virtual memorial services have become increasingly popular, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. These services are streamed online so that relatives and friends who can’t come to the physical location can still attend the memorial service. You don’t need expensive tech to make this happen. Most of the time all you need is your cell phone and an internet connection. You can stream the service on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok. If you want the stream to be private, you can use Zoom.

The Role Of A Funeral DirectorFuneral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI

The funeral director’s role is to listen to the family’s requests and offer guidance or answer questions. They are there to make everything run seamlessly. If you want some personalization and customization of the memorial service, the funeral director can help you make it happen. For example, the funeral director can provide the equipment needed for a virtual memorial service or help you find a live band to play your loved one’s favorite song.

Non-traditional services bring people together in celebration of the life their loved one lived, and allows family and friends to support each other. If you want a non-traditional memorial service, come to our funeral homes in Chesterfield Township, MI and let us help you. We can help you arrange a memorable and fitting memorial service for your loved one.