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Mother’s Day without Mothers

Cremation services in Macomb, MI include grief support and resources, but nothing can prepare children, big or small, for their first Mother’s Day without their mothers. Waves of grief tend to come pouring back in the weeks leading up to this May holiday because there are constant reminders that other people still have their mothers and you don’t.

However, you can celebrate your mother after her death in ways that will not only honor her, but also pass on her legacy to others. In the process, you’ll find solace for your heart and soul and you will remember why you loved your mother so much and why you miss her so much.

Most mothers in previous generations had recipe boxes with recipe cards and old battered cookbooks with handwritten notes about what to add, what to leave out, and what to substitute, as well as what were favorites. These are priceless reminders of an era gone by, and you can share a piece of your mother with friends and family by sharing these gems with them.

If your mother had a recipe that she was known and celebrated for, chances are it was on one of those recipe cards. Take the recipe to a print store and have copies made on heavy-stock paper that are cut out to the same size as the original recipe and laminated.

On Mother’s Day, invite family and a few close friends to a meal where that recipe is included. Place the laminated recipe card next to each plate so that each person can take it home with them.

If there’s a page in a cookbook that your mother scribbled a lot of notes on, simply make copies of it and place each copy in a plastic cover to protect it, and include that beside the plate of each dinner guest.

There is something indescribably comforting about seeing your mother’s handwriting and remembering the vitality and strength she had and the love she gave.

Another way to celebrate your mother after her death is to find a way to do random acts of kindness for other people.

Maybe your mother had a good friend whose children aren’t able to be with her on Mother’s Day. Consider inviting her to brunch or to your house for dinner. Bring her flowers and a card when you pick her up, and do everything you are able to make the day special for her.

If you still have some of your mother’s clothes and they are in good condition or you have household items that work, but you don’t need, consider donating them to a battered women’s shelter.

Go to a local assisted living facility or nursing home and ask if you can just sit and spend some time with the ladies there. Not only will you be giving them the blessing of care and attention, but they will give in return with their stories of their lives before their lives came to this. You’ll discover gems of wisdom in the sagacity that inevitably comes with living a long life. You will get far more than you will give in terms of time.

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