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How to Host a Funeral Reception

If you’d like to host a funeral reception at funeral homes in Clinton Township, MI, here are some tips on how to plan and execute the reception flawlessly.

Funeral receptions are usually held just after the funeral service or the graveside service. They are designed to provide the comfort of food and drink, along with a more informal atmosphere in where mourners and the grieving family can talk, share support, and share encouragement after the death of a loved one.

If you’re not a member of the immediate family and you are hosting a funeral reception, you should always keep in mind that you don’t need an elaborate amount of planning, but you want to create a relaxed environment where friends and family can eat and share stories and memories of the deceased.

Perhaps the simplest way to host a funeral reception is to have everyone but the bereaved family bring food for a potluck-style meal. They should also bring family-friendly drinks like juice, tea, water, and soda. Make sure you also have a coffee maker and coffee.

If you use paper and plastic ware, then cleaning up after the funeral reception will be easy. Make sure there are one or two large, lined garbage cans where people can throw out their trash, and most of the extent of cleaning up is throwing garbage bags away.

Why should you think about hosting a funeral reception? There are several reasons.

One reason is to support a family who has lost a loved one. Another reason is that it gives everyone who knew the deceased a chance to remember them and share warm and gently humorous stories about them. A third reason is that it gives friends and family of the deceased an opportunity to spend quality time together in a supportive atmosphere.

A funeral reception can be hosted almost anywhere. Since most funeral homes now allow food and drinks to be served in their facilities, it may be easiest to host a funeral reception at the funeral home. Other popular venues for hosting funeral receptions are church fellowship halls, private homes, and restaurants.

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You can decide whether the funeral reception you host will be public or private (be sure to get the grieving family’s input as to what they would like). If the funeral reception is public, the funeral director will announce that everyone is welcome at the reception at the end of the funeral or graveside service. If the funeral reception is private, then invitations will made directly to the people who are invited.

Food and drinks served at a funeral reception should be tailored to fit all dietary needs. If you’re hosting a meal (refreshments and drinks are okay as well), include dishes like salads and vegetable casseroles, so that if some attendees are vegetarians, there will be something they can eat. If the meal is a potluck, give a basic menu of items to those who will be bringing food so that you have a variety of choices. Using disposal containers for food will facilitate fast cleanup and leave everyone with plenty of time to socialize.

In most cases, it’s best to avoid serving alcohol at a funeral reception unless it’s a small private friend-and-family or family-only gathering. Even in these settings, however, it’s best to set a limit on alcohol consumption. With public funeral receptions, you’ll want to make sure there is a large variety of non-alcoholic drink choices, such as coffee, hot and cold tea, sodas, juices, and water.

For more information about hosting funeral receptions at funeral homes in Clinton Township, MI, our compassionate and experienced staff at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home can help.

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