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Funeral Procession Etiquette

With funeral processions at funeral homes in Macomb, MI, there are procedures that should be followed, whether you are participating in the funeral procession, or you encounter a funeral procession.

The overarching thing to remember about funeral processions is that somebody has died and they are being transported to their final resting place. There’s a somberness about that, and whether you’re driving in the funeral procession or you encounter a funeral procession, respect and should be shown to the deceased person and the grieving family.

If you’re driving in a funeral procession, there are several things that you should be aware of beforehand.

All the vehicles in the funeral procession will have a flag with the word “Funeral” placed on the front left corner of the hood of their vehicles and they will proceed to the cemetery with their headlights on.

Funeral processions proceed very slowly from the funeral home to the cemetery. This means that you will go no faster than 55 miles per hour on interstates and highways and no faster than 30 to 40 miles per hours on local roads.

It’s important, when you’re in a funeral procession, to stay close to the vehicle in front of you so there is no room for a vehicle that’s not associated with the funeral procession to cut in and interrupt the line of mourners who are traveling to the cemetery.

Be sure to stay in your position in the funeral procession and keep up with the funeral procession. Funeral processions have right of way at stop signs and red traffic lights, which means all other traffic must yield to the funeral process, so follow the vehicle in front of you through these places where, under normal driving conditions, you would stop.

The last vehicle in a funeral procession has two funeral flags and will have their hazard lights flashing to indicate to other traffic that they are the last vehicle in the funeral procession and the normal flow of traffic can resume.

When the funeral procession gets to the cemetery, a cemetery attendant will direct the funeral procession to the gravesite. Once all the vehicles arrive and are stopped, the funeral flags on each one will be removed.

Vehicles in the funeral procession are lined up as they arrive at the funeral home. The hearse with the deceased is the lead car, followed by the vehicle that will carry the bereaved family. All other vehicles are lined up behind them. If you’re not immediate family, but are a close relative or friend, you should plan to be at the funeral home at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time so that you are parked near the front of the funeral procession line.

If you encounter a funeral procession, there are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do.

Always be respectful. In many parts of the country, it’s customary for people to pull their vehicles off onto the shoulder of the road to let funeral possessions pass by.

Since funeral processions have the right-of-way, as soon as you see the hearse enter traffic, you should stop and wait for the entire funeral procession to go by before resuming traveling. This may mean sitting through a green light or two.

Don’t cut into the middle of a funeral procession and don’t cut off a funeral procession. This is disrespectful to the deceased and to the grieving family.

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