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Funeral Home Etiquette

If you’re attending your first funeral at funeral homes in Macomb, MI, you may wonder what you should and shouldn’t do and say. Funerals are unique in that there are certain unspoken rules about what we should do and what we should say, and it can be unnerving to walk into this kind of atmosphere for the first time.

There are some things you should not do when you’re attending a funeral. One of those is to bring very young or overactive children. Funerals are, by nature, solemn and quiet events. This is to show respect to the grieving family by acknowledging and sharing in the sadness and sorrow of their loss, and to show respect to the memory of their loved one who has died.

Very young children can be fussy and children who are overactive can be disruptive. This disturbs the peace of a funeral. If you have very young or very rambunctious children, you should leave them with a sitter so that you don’t disrupt the atmosphere of the funeral.

Another thing you should not do when you attend a funeral is to avoid the family receiving line. You may be fearful that you won’t say the right thing or the line may seem too long to wait in. However, bereaved families need support and encouragement as they are beginning the journey of grief for their loved one who has died. A simple “I’m sorry for your loss,” or a quick hug will go a very long way in providing them with comfort.

Don’t leave your cell phone on. The best rule of thumb is to leave your cell phone in your car, so you don’t have to remember to mute it before going in to the funeral home. Believe it or not, there was actually a time when cell phones didn’t exist, and phone calls and messages waited until people got home. Nothing but the funeral should be on your radar while you’re there.

Don’t forget to sign the guest book at a funeral. There will usually be someone at the door of the funeral parlor to direct you to the guest book. This book will be given to the family after the funeral so they can see who attended the funeral of their loved one (this time will be a blur for them, so they won’t remember everyone who came to pay their respects).

If you come with your spouse or another family member, each of you should sign your guest book. Be sure to print your first and last name (and include the city and state where you live) if your signature is hard to read.

Don’t forget to send the family a gift – or make a donation to a charity they’ve specified – and a sympathy card. One of the nicest gifts you can give to the family is a plant that flowers. Send it to their home, so that they can either keep it alive inside or so that they can plant it outside in memory of their loved one.

For the sympathy card, choose a simple card that is blank inside and write a short note. Remember to sign your full name, and to include your mailing address on the envelope.

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