Mount Clemens, MI cremations

Creative Ideas for Using Cremains

After Mount Clemens, MI cremations, cremains are returned to the deceased’s family to use as they wish. While some people may opt to buy a beautiful urn and keep the cremains in a prominent place in the family home, many people are interested in using the cremains to honor the memory of their loved one in a way that’s special and meaningful.

One way, of course, is to scatter the deceased’s cremains in a place that was special to them, or a place that held a particularly fond memory for the family. That place could be anywhere. It could be the deceased’s childhood home. It could be the place where marriage was proposed. It could be place that marked a memorable family vacation.

Another way to use cremains to creating a last memorial is to turn them into wearable jewelry that the family of the deceased can wear to keep their loved one close all the time.

Some of the more creative ways, though, to use cremains are interesting ideas that can keep loved ones memories alive in unique ways.

The cremains can be used to create a ceramic cups, bowls, candle holders, and other things that people use every day throughout their lives. It is a nice way to have a physical reminder of loved ones and it, in some way, allows them to be a continuous part of life going forward.

Cremains can also be turned into beautiful glass objects. While some of these glass memorials can be large, they are usually made into pebble-sized stones that can be given to family and friends so that each person can have a part of their loved one with them. These pebbles can also be left as a permanent part of the deceased’s favorite places, such as the beach, national parks, historical landmarks, or hiking trails.

One of the more popular and creative way to use cremains is to have them mixed with fireworks and then have a fireworks display to pay tribute to a loved one’s memories. There are companies who specifically create fireworks with cremains mixed in and then produce and run the fireworks show where friends and family gather to say their final farewells.

If the deceased loved to hunt or go to the firing range, there are companies that will make shotgun shells that contain part of their cremains. Some of these companies offer discounts to active and retired military members as well as law enforcement personnel.

If the deceased loved the ocean or was ecology-minded, some of the cremains can be mixed with concrete and laid on the bottom floor of the sea to become a new habitat for corals, which are becoming endangered, and other ocean life.

Another neat way to use the cremains of a loved one is make an hourglass urn out of them. There are companies that make these urns (which can be engraved with the deceased’s name, dates of birth and death, and an epithet). They provide specific instructions on how to fill them and use the hourglass to literally track time.

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