cremation service in Shelby Charter Township, MI

Common Myths About Cremation Services

If you’re thinking about planning a cremation service in Shelby Charter Township, MI, you’ll want to make sure you understand what is involved in the process. There’s no doubting that cremation is now the leading body disposition, but this does not mean that there isn’t some misinformation about it. In fact, there are some myths that many people assume are accurate. Before you sit down with a funeral director to arrange a final service, you’ll want to make sure you know truth from error. Here’s a look, firstly, at common myths and, secondly, at the truth.

Myth: The Only People Who Plan Cremations Are Those Who Have Small Budgets

Truth: Many people who plan cremation services appreciate the fact that cremations are a lot less expensive than funeral services. So if you’re on a budget, you will want to consider cremation. But the reality is that the lower cost is only one of many reasons why families plan cremation services for their deceased loved ones. Some people plan cremations because they like the fact that there are lots of things they can do with the cremated remains.

Myth: Cremation is Only an Option That Atheists Should Consider

Truth: Most religions accept both funerals and cremations as valid final services options. So if you’re a person of faith, chances are that you won’t run into any difficulties. Should you be uncertain, you can ask a religious leader affiliated with your faith community/ The funeral director who helps you plan can also be a reliable resource for such information.

Myth: A Cremation Can’t be Combined with a Funeral Service

Truth: Some people believe that holding a cremation service means that they can’t hold a funeral service. There are some death care services providers that only offer direct cremations with no extra services. But there are also many funeral homes that will allow you to hold a funeral service before or after a cremation service. So it’s inaccurate to suggest that you have to choose either a cremation service or a funeral service. The reality is that you can have both. This can be a good option if some of your loved ones prefer holding a funeral while others want to hold a cremation. Instead of having to choose, both sides can get what they want most.

cremation service in Shelby Charter Township, MI

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